Visual Arts in the Digital and Social Media Landscape

WhiteNOISE places a key focus on digital technologies and social media which is being used to enhance communications generally and create new conversations with Visual Arts audiences. Taking inspiration from successful digital projects with audiences we’ll be drawing on research findings to highlight and trial best practice examples across the sector.


Some recent and current digital and social media engagement approaches with audiences:

Artist Created Connection with Audiences
A day predetermined thoughout the world, where artists young and old, professional and amateur pledge to sketch for anywhere from 20 minutes to 8 hours. The results of the event day are posted online for the whole worldwide community to see.


Audiences Engaging with Curators
Experts sharing their knowledge through video answers to questions, taking audiences behind the scenes in museums and galleries around the globe.



Experimentation with Audiences
Split Second, Brooklyn Museum
Split Second invites the Brooklyn Museum’s online community to participate in a project that will result in a small installation of Indian paintings…

Split Second, Brooklyn Museum


Audiences Engaging with Potential Audiences
The Moving Garden, Brooklyn Museum
The Moving Garden comprises a forty-five-foot-long granite table with one hundred freshly cut flowers that…

The Moving Garden


Strategy for Engaging with Audiences
Tate Online: Social Media Strategy
Tate’s approach to social media within the context of their wider digital strategy…