WhiteNOISE: Audience questionnaire

By carrying out over 1500 face-to-face interviews with gallery goers in 11 visual arts venues throughout Glasgow, and consulting on a one-to-one basis with a wide range of individuals with professional involvement in the sector, we have collated new audience insights that bring to life the picture of visual arts attendance drawn from secondary research sources such as Glasgow’s Household Survey and TGI (Target Group Index).

Our face-to-face interviews covered a range of broad areas, from reasons for visit and likelihood of returning, to age, gender, home location, ethnic origin and declared disabilities. There were several broad areas of discussion, and findings from these will be explored and cross referenced in further detail over the coming weeks.

Areas of discussion:

1. Have you visited this venue before?
2. What did you do during your visit?
3. Did you pay or make a donation?
4. How long did you stay?
5. How did you hear about..?
6. Why did you visit?
7. How would you rate the following? (Various aspects of the visitor experience were listed)
8. How likely are you to return?
9. How likely are you to recommend a visit?
10. How would you describe yourself in relation to art? (Multiple choice options were offered)
11. Are you involved with art in your everyday work?
12. Are you visiting with other people?
13. Showcard: how often have you visited the following venues in the last 12 months?
14. Questions relating to: gender, age, home location, ethnic origin, disability

Our face-to-face visitor research took place at 11 venues of all sizes and types, spread out across the city: The Burrell Collection; St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art; Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum; Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA); Tramway; Trongate 103; The Lighthouse; House for an Art Lover; Roger Billcliffe Gallery; Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) and Glasgow School of Art (GSoA).


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