About WhiteNoise

WhiteNOISE – defining and growing audiences for the Visual Arts in Glasgow

In contrast to the Performing Arts sector, where a wealth of financial, demographic and behavioural information is gathered from ticket purchasers, the majority of Visual Arts venues in Glasgow don’t sell tickets. Historically too, many haven’t systematically collected information from their audiences, visitors or participants and rely on ad-hoc research to provide a picture of who engages with their work. Without this intelligence it’s difficult to say with confidence a great deal about current audiences including where they live; how they find out about particular venues, artists or exhibitions or how frequently they attend – subsequently, it’s difficult to predicate where growth potential lies. This lack of information puts individual organisations in the sector at a disadvantage to strategically target communications and deploy resources.

Culture Sparks, the intelligence and innovation partnership for the cultural sector, has created WhiteNOISE – a new collaboration with the Visual Arts sector in the city. Through WhiteNOISE we will work in partnership with Visual Arts venues (publically funded as well as commercial galleries), organisations, individuals and audiences to:

•    Gather existing Visual Arts audience data across Glasgow, taking a particular interest in audiences for Contemporary Visual Art;
•    Undertake a wide reaching survey in venues across the city to provide reliable baseline audience data;
•    Carry out targeted case study research with selected Visual Arts venues;
•    Support those working in the sector through learning and training events;
•    Highlight and trial some of the inspiring audience engagement work that is taking place in Glasgow, nationally and internationally;
•    Place a focus on digital and social media technologies to enhance communications and create new conversations with audiences;
•    Share our learning online as it evolves.


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